Review: Glossier – Into the Gloss


I’ve been a pretty dedicated reader of Into the Gloss for awhile now. I love reading the Top Shelf posts, which feature the makeup shelves of IT girls, celebs and models. I mean who doesn’t want to know how Carolyn Murphy stays impeccable? I am also completely dedicated to Biologique Recherche products to keep my acne in control and when I read that Alexis Page (Director of Product Development, Glossier) also puts the Masque Vivant on daily, I knew it was meant to be – yes my face constantly smells like vegemite and my bf has seen me with a brown mud mask, but hey if you suffer from acne you do what works religiously. So, when news came out that Emily and team were putting together a line of products, of course I was excited. The pop up store opened up near my apt in Tribeca and I immediately went out and got the Phase 1 Set at Glossier. For $80 you can get the phase I set which includes: smoothing face mist, priming moisturizer, color tint and a balm. The products are made without fragrance and with really good ingredients. Here is my take on them after using for about 3 weeks:

Smoothing Face Mist – makes my face smell like roses, which if you use smelly acne products like I do, then you come to appreciate this. I have never been much of a face mist girl but I like this, it’s refreshing and nice. At $18, it’s pretty cheap so I would probably buy when I run out. I don’t love the packaging because it doesn’t distribute the mist that widely, so I have to spray a few times. Not sure how long it’ll last, but I’ll update in comments when I run out.

Priming Moisturizer – I like this, it’s a light cream, not very thick. It moisturizes but doesn’t make my skin clog or break out. I think if you have super dry skin then you would need something heavier. I used to use the dermo from the biologique line and this is lighter then that one, but doesn’t smell as bad ha. It’s only $25 and I will definitely rebuy.

Perfecting Skin Tint – I love this stuff. It’s not foundation. It’s a very light tint. Just a hint of color – does not cover up spots or large swaths of red. But it does feel great on the skin – I’m not sure if it has a primer in it but it sort of feels like it smooths your skin like the Too Faced Primed and Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer but with a hint of color too and much more liquidy so it feels nicer on. If you like a heavy foundation or need a lot of cover up this is not the product for you. If you just want your skin to look fresher and more glowy than I would definitely look into this. A few drops goes a long way and I will definitely rebuy. This product reminds me a lot of the Sunday Riley primer, but it’s cheaper at $26.

Balm dotcom – I get why you need this, for your lips, for sometimes when your nose is chapped or you get those dry spots. However, the product has lanolin in it and I’m allergic so not for me. I won’t rebuy but I do feel like this is a great product to round out the rest of the product collection.

Overall I think the products are super affordable and very well made. I don’t love some of the packaging, but there were stickers that came with the products, which were a cute touch, and I put those around my desk at work. I’m a huge fan of this as an easy way to simplify your skincare technique. I still do my Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant most nights and I still use my P50 toner 2x a day to keep my acne in control, but these products help my skin look nice and glowy. They are also all travel size and come in these great pouches that I now use when I travel.

Also, the Glossier products come in a gorgeous box for those of whom love to collect luxe boxes.  Overall, I highly recommend them for oily and combination skin!


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