Review: Sarah Chapman Facial Lift


My mother has been tooting the benefits of facial massage for forever and I thought it was totes an Asian thing – you know pressure points, acupuncture, etc.- until I saw this post from Lisa Eldridge where she demonstrates her twenty minute facial massage routine. My mom is all about using her hands, but when I saw that the Sarah Chapman tool was sold out on net-a-porter – I knew I wanted to get my hands on it. I ended up getting mine at a SpaceNK. After you purchase one, you should definitely watch her how to guide so you know how to use it, because it’s not super intuitive. My mom is all about the benefits of massaging her neck – she swears that her neck is now thinner because of daily massage. I have had my Sarah Chapman tool for about a week now and I’ve been using it everyday. It really just feels great and is easy to use. I often get soreness in my neck and this really helps work out some kinks if I go a little further back. It also really helps with the soreness in my jaw which I didn’t even know I had. As a side note, even my boyfriend loved it and he’s totally not into any beauty products/tools/etc. I don’t think it does much for your forehead, although you can use the other end of the stick to tap your forehead. Also, the eye area is delicate so i think you are supposed to use your fourth finger for that area – at least that is what the SpaceNK rep told me. If you want to just use your fingers for free here is another facial massage tutorial from Into the Gloss. Happy massaging!


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