About Us

When we were in grad school, we would share beauty products and advice with each other in person.  Since graduation, Mimi has lived in NYC and Judy lives in San Francisco, but distance doesn’t stop us from sharing and dishing on our favorite topic.  We use this blog as that outlet and hope you find it as useful and fun as we do!

More about us:

Judy lives in San Francisco and is basically obsessed with everything beauty since stumbling across a Youtube beauty video in December 2009.  She grew up in Texas and now works in tech.  She loves yoga (and is a certified yoga teacher on the side), young adult novels (guilty pleasure), and traveling off the beaten path  (no cell phone service allowed).  Foundation colors for reference: MAC NC25, Chanel B30, NARS Punjab.

Mimi lives in NYC and loves fashion, food and beauty, in particular skincare targeted to problematic skin.  She is a MidWest girl from Ann Arbor, MI and works in finance.  She loves reading (blog here) and travel (another blog here).

What do you think?

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