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The Perfect Palette Tag

Perfect Palette

There’s a great tag floating around Youtube called The Perfect Palette Tag, and it is a topic around makeup palettes – your favorites (or non-favorite) why.  I’ve really been enjoying seeing what palettes people chose – here’s mine:

1. Best packaging – Laura Mercier Artist Palette 2 ($48)

LM Artist Palette

There are so many factors that can make up “best” packaging – aesthetics, function, practicality, or something else entirely??  I chose to focus on function and practicality (as I tend to do).  What I like about this palette (besides the colors, which are really great):

  • Padded – I don’t need to worry about it breaking if I pack it in my makeup bag for traveling
  • Made of shiny faux leather – easy to wipe and clean
  • Magnetic closure that overlaps to the side of the palette – secure clasp won’t let the palette open accidentally
  • Large mirror on the inside

This palette is sold out online at Sephora.com, BUT I’ve seen it in stock at various Sephora stores, so check out your local store.

2. Best color payoff – Urban Decay Smoked Eyeshadow Palette ($49)

UD Smoked

This palette is amazing, and if you don’t have it, you should seriously consider owning it if you like smokey eye looks.  It does a smokey or smokier neutral eye so easily.  The only shadow you need to supplement this is a lighter blending shade (my favorites are Burberry Sheer Shadow in Almond, MAC Quarry, Soft Brown, or Kid).  Pigmentation is fantastic, and I have yet to experience any fallout.

3. Most versatile – Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette ($52)

UD Naked 2

No surprise, one of the Urban Decay Naked palettes had to come up in this tag.  My favorite is Naked 2, because you can do anything from an extremely natural, no-makeup makeup look to an intense smokey eye – without the glitter from Naked 1.  I haven’t purchased Naked 3 yet – I know I’ll cave and get it at some point, but the rosy nude look isn’t my thing.. have you tried Naked 3?

4. Best for traveling – Maybelline Stylish Smokes Quad in Natural Smokes (~$6) or Urban Decay Naked 2  ($52)

Maybelline UD Naked2

I think the BEST palette from the drugstore is Maybelline Stylish Smokes Quad in Natural Smokes (which has a different layout now) – you can go super natural or smokey – all in a lightweight compact.  Thus, it’s my favorite for traveling light (very light), but if I were traveling and I wanted more options yet still have the same versatility, gotta go back to my answer for Question 3, which is Naked 2.

5. Biggest regret(s) – Laura Mercier Eye and Cheek Palette and limited edition color holiday quads 

LM Eye & Cheek

I routinely purge my makeup collection of items I don’t like, but for reasons unknown to myself I have yet to get rid of the Laura Mercier Eye and Cheek Palette.  I got this with the intention of having it be my go-to travel palette, but it just doesn’t do anything for me.  Did I get a dud?  The eyeshadows aren’t super pigmented, and the blushes are meh.  I think I’ll finally get rid of this one.

High end

Other regrets are color limited edition holiday quads, namely Tom Ford Emerald Lust, YSL Boreal Palette in Arctic Night, Guerlain Ombre Eclat 4 Couleurs in Velours D’Or.  These colors just totally suck me in, but I NEVER use them, and they end up gathering dust.  Maybe I’ll bust them out for holiday parties… but most likely not.

6. Least used – Make Up For Ever, theBalm Nude ‘tude ($36), Stila In the Light ($39)

Least Used

These are all great palettes (I mean, I made the MUFE palette myself!), but I just never use them.

7. Most Used / Most Loved / Which palette would you want with you if you were on a deserted island?


I think the original purpose of this question was to tease out your one Holy Grail palette, but I decided to focus on the deserted island part.  The sequence I would choose to focus on would be firstly flawless skin, then blush/bronzer, then eyes, then lips.  If I were trapped on a deserted island and I needed some makeup products to survive, I would  firstly want some sort of base, like the Make Up For Ever Concealer Palette ($38) or various colors of the Shiseido Sun Protection Compact Foundation SPF 34 PA+++ ($27) in pan form in a Z Palette, because 1) I still want flawless looking skin even on a deserted island, and 2) I’d want  SPF with coverage because I don’t want suns spots.  And because why not.

NARS Danmari

But if I needed to choose color products, I’d choose  the NARS Danmari Blush Palette, complete with a bronzer, highlight, and various blush shades.  Since that was limited edition, I’d go with something like NARS Blush and Bronzer Duo in Deep Throat and Laguna ($41).


If I HAD to choose an eye palette, I’d pick NARS And God Created The Woman ($59), since it’s smaller than the size of my hand and has staple NARS shades: Alhambra, Bellisima, Kalahari, Galapagos, Coconut Grove, and Night Clubbing.  It’s decently versatile and would go AMAZINGLY well with the tan I’ll get on that deserted island!

Check out my favorite videos on Youtube for this tag so far:

What are your favorite/least favorite palettes??

Quick Mascara Reviews


Mascara is one of those items some women can’t leave the house without, but it’s one of those items I tend to skip if I am feeling lazy.  It smudges on me so easily (both above and below my eyes), my lashes HAVE to be curled ahead of time, and a specific eye makeup remover MUST be used afterwards – it just becomes a process I can’t be bothered with.

In any case, I had a bunch of mascaras sitting in my mascara cup waiting to be used, and I FINALLY made myself use them up.  For quick reference, I have short, Asian lashes and must use waterproof or smudge-proof mascara.

Here are some quick thoughts on them:

Lancome Hypnose Waterproof

  • Decently waterproof (not very much smudging)
  • VERY little length, mostly volumizing, but it doesn’t claim to be a lengthening mascara anyways
  • Will not repurchase as ideally I like mascaras that do both lengthening and volumizing
  • Gets clumpy very easily, so it’s “no clumping” claims are unfounded
  • Might pick up Lancome Hypnose Drama Waterproof one of these days as it’s one of our favorite beauty blogger RaeView’s fave

Fairy Drops Mascara (pink packaging with blue drawing)

  • Very good at lengthening and volumizing
  • Decently smudge-proof although definitely still smudges a little
  • Will repurchase if it was more readily available in the US.  Those living in Asia with easy access to Fairy Drops, I envy you.

Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara

  • Not specifically a waterproof mascara, but still pretty good at not smudging
  • Gave good length and volume
  • Supposedly good for bottom lashes but as my bottom lashes are nonexistent, I’m not really sure
  • Might repurchase if it was more readily available in the US

Bottom Line: I still like Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus the best and I’ve gone back to using that.  I have a lot of mascaras that I stocked up on when I went to Asia, but I’m eager to try out some Maybelline fan favorites, namely The Falsies WP and The Colossal Cat Eyes WP.

What are your favorite mascaras?